Any structures created from wood (fences decks, etc.)  Some fence and deck components may be covered up to 5 years such as out of plumb by more than 15%, no longer holding together and fasteners failing.  Wood being a natural product does not come perfect and the following are not considered defects (exceptions may exist): Warped wood, twisted posts, knots, discolouring, splitting, shrinking and coatings fading or peeling.  Please note that wood will shrink as it drys and gaps between boards will likely appear days to years after install; this is not a warranty issue.  All fence posts that follow a straight property line should be lined up within 1/2 and inch of each other or less (generally less than 1/8th inch variance.)  Fence posts out of square within first 30 days may be corrected.

Plants must be cared for by homeowner or customer as soon as they are planted ( this may be before all work is completed.)  Different plants have different care requirements, we may not know all of these.  Your best resource is the nursery they came from or the tag on them.  We may not cover damage to plants that are not cared for properly.  Trees generally require less water than the sod near them so care may need to be taken to get less water on them than the rest of yard.

Sod: One year materials and labour (defects in install and materials)

Non organic materials purchased in finished state (shed kits, Edging, signs, tubing, fabrics, etc): Materials: Whatever manufacturer will provide Labour: Upon pre-payment inspection

‚ÄčWood: One year materials and labour (defects in install and materials)

Trees and Shrubs: Till June 1st the following calendar year materials and labour (plants are to survive)

Grading: Upon passed inspection by highest authority required (homeowner, customer or inspector)

Stone work: One year materials and labour (defects in install and materials)

Below is our official warranty policies.  In general, our intent is to cover any defects in materials and installation for a reasonable time period.  We generally do not cover damage from weather or the environment or issues caused by lack of maintenance.  Please contact us with any warranty related concerns, even if our policy says your issue will not be covered we may choose to based on the circumstances.  Also note eligibility for warranty is at our sole discretion and any notes we have put on your invoice overrule anything written in our warranty.  If the policy below doesn't outline what to expect for warranty coverage, one year materials and labour against defects is likely applicable ( see representative.)

Stone work typically is installed on some slope between .75% and 2%, unless situation requires unusual install, stone outside of this range before completion is to be repaired.  Appropriate gravel base for the situation (as either determined by us, or as defined on invioce) must be in place and will be covered for full warranty period.  As a typical stone install does not penetrate more than 1 foot in ground and frost heaving and settling happen below this, we cannot guarantee stone will stay at the installed heights and slopes.  Broken stones typically are covered depending on cause of break.  Upon install stone should almost always drain water away from foundations.  

SOD MUST BE WATERED DAILY FOR MINIMUM THE FIRST WEEK TO THE POINT THAT THE SOIL UNDER IT IS SOAKED, FAILURE TO KEEP SOD MOIST FOR THE 1ST WEEK WILL VOID ANY WARRANTY (see manufacturers specific instructions;).  Sod must be watered by homeowner once installed, even if job is not finished.  Sod is to be green when installed (unless installed pre/ post season, between october 15th and may 15th.)  Sod is expected to "take" meaning it does not immediately die and forms solid pieces,instead of staying as 2x5 sheets.  Sod that appears as half the 2x5 sheet dying and half good is typically due to sitting too long rolled up in extreme temperatures and will be replaced under warranty.  Any random individual pieces that do not take while all around them do will be replaced.  Sod will not be covered if it is not watered, takes but later dies, dies from being in high traffic area, is killed by needles from a coniferous tree, does not get enough light to survive and or develops weeds over time (weeds should not be present upon install.)  If sod is installed in an area that proves not to have sufficient light to grow, a refund based on the per foot price paid may be given (to be determined at sole discretion and measuring of SRB Construction).  This will not be applicable to houses where entire sides of house are sodded as we always advise against that.

Quality of grading is usually required to be determined by a city inspector and we always will return free of charge to fix and deficiencies causing failure of city inspection.  We are not responsible for any settling (unless it prevents passing inspection) as settling is caused by poor site prep or back filling and not generally by grading.  Ground slopes change from many factors outside our control as graders and no repairs are guaranteed beyond the inspection and approval.