Fences in Edmonton

Pressure treated:           $12+ per square foot

Cedar:                            $19+ per square foot

Composite:                    $26+ per square foot

Aluminum Railings:        $50 per linear foot

Permits:                         $275 and up

Stairs:                            Call for pricing

****All pricing approximate, call for exact numbers



Gates:                                                              $100-$150 each extra

****All prices approximate, call for exact numbers

Painting/ Staining:                                         $7 per linear foot

6 foot standard fence (4X6 or 6x6 posts): $30-$36 per linear foot


Fence Panel
Builder fence
Privacy fence

Wood fencing comes in many styles and provides a natural, long lasting fence. To guarantee a high quality and extended life for your fence we use only rot resistant wood (cedar) or pressure treated wood.  Staining can also be done to prevent decay.

Our methods of installation are generally small teams of 2-3 people that have been meticulously trained to get the job done efficiently.

We build all types of wood fencing from commercial development fencing, residential, noise attenuation, custom privacy fence and farm fencing. 

SRB Construction will work with you to create a custom deck that inspires you to bring your indoor lifestyle out of doors. From design to execution, we offer exceptional quality deck building services in Edmonton and area.