Farm Fences

Our company specializes in many styles of fences including a variety of types found commonly on farms or acreages.  These styles offer varying functions from cosmetic to keeping different types of animals in or out.  Farm fencing is typically more cost effective than more decorative types such as wood screen fences and chain link which is why it's a common choice for large areas.

We use a skid steer mounted post pounder, and our skid steer's on tracks, so we can work just about anywhere. Many post pounding setups require access for a truck or tractor.

Styles of Farm/ Acreage style fencing provided:

-Paige wire

-Barbed Wire

-Post and rail

-High Tensile Wire

-Game/ Deer fence

-Custom types

We can build in a wide range of styles and heights, please call us with your request.

We also will travel to wherever were needed to provide our services, free on site estimates are limited to within the Edmonton Area (generally within a half hour drive of city limits) but we will be happy to provide free estimates based off photos and customer supplied measurements for those far away from us.